Early Richmond Cherry
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Early Richmond Cherry Prunus cerasus ‘Early Ric

  • Early Richmond Cherry

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The Early Richmond Cherry grows in zones 4-8.
This sturdy, upright, compact tart cherry tree is a hardy, heavy-producing tree. Its flavorful, tart, juicy fruit makes great pies and preserves. And since early Richmond cherries ripen a week earlier than other pie cherries, you can start baking and canning that much sooner!

  • Produces bright red, medium-sized, juicy fruit with a thin light red skin and tart flavor — ideal for pies and preserves
  • Ripens in June, a week or more earlier than other pie cherries
  • Is self-fertile, but planting two or more varieties will ensure a better crop
  • Blooms in late spring, with clusters of white flowers
  • Bears fruit in 3–5 years
  • Will be delivered at a height of 3'–4'

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Wildlife Value

The fruit is eaten by many birds and mammals. The foliage is browsed. Flocks of birds are the greatest threat to the trees. They will eat the cherries at the first sign of ripeness. Nylon or cheesecloth netting draped over the trees as the fruits begin to ripen is an effective deterrent. This technique can be very practical if the trees are kept to a reasonable height by pruning.


The origin is unknown, but it was planted in England in the early 1500s. It was brought to the United States with English settlers. The terms tart or pie cherry are preferred over sour since this connotes bad flavor.

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