Gift Trees

Trees are a gift for the ages.

By giving them, you are showing your appreciation AND making a contribution to the world for generations to come. For only $4 each, you can give Gift Trees to your family, friends, customers, guests or employees.
You can even customize the label.

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Gift Trees are hardy evergreen seedlings that grow abundantly around the country, look great for your presentations, and hold up well during shipping. You have a choice of spruce or pine varieties based on what will grow best in your area.

Gift Trees are Perfect For:

  • Weddings

    Being nature lovers we really wanted to have an environmentally friendly wedding. Realizing how "un-green" it was to print and mail the many pieces of a wedding invitation we set out to find a way to neutralize this. Our solution? Arbor Day trees as wedding favors. They were a HIT! I love hearing the stories from family and friends about their trees!

    Mrs. Briana Schultz
  • Promotions

    Handling out 3,000 tree seedlings was a great way to show our community that AT&T Pioneers care about our environment by encouraging the electronic billing and not the cutting of beautiful trees. Annually, more than 36,000 trees are saved through the use of AT&T's online services.

  • Fundraisers

    We have used the trees the past two years to raise money for charity. The Gift Trees have allowed students to market and sell a usable product. Students have also planted these same Gift Trees at Lake Zurich High School as a part of this fundraiser. The trees have been a valuable way to gain revenue and as the basis for a lasting legacy to remind students of our annual charity week and the importance of planting trees.

    Darren Rothermel, Teacher at Lake Zurich High School
  • Any and All Occasions

    You can plant trees for any occasion, and it’s such a unique way to celebrate a special time. Once we started talking about planting trees, we all became inspired to do it.

    Karla Jensen

To learn more or to design a custom program to fit your needs, please contact us.