Save Our Valuable Rain Forests

Thank you for your interest in supporting our Rain Forest Rescue® program! Your dollars will make a difference! For every $10 you contribute, the Arbor Day Foundation will save a 2,500 square foot area of rain forest in your name.

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Rain Forest Rescue

Rain Forest Rescue

Our rain forests are as rich in beauty as they are bountiful in the life forms they sustain. Many of the medications we use today, such as cortisone, come from rain forest plants.

Scientists have identified 3,000 plants as having anti-cancer properties... and 70% of those plants are found ONLY in the rain forest.

Unlike other forests, many tropical forests have poor, thin soils. Virtually all of the nutrients are in the plants. When the trees are destroyed, what was once a dense woodland full of life becomes a barren wasteland. Learn more about the Rain Forest Rescue Program.