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Team up with T&M Greencare and the Arbor Day Foundation to plant for our future by replacing your tree with a new one!

Redeem our coupon when you check out, and let's make our world a little greener and cleaner for generations to come.

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Choose from a variety of commonly-planted trees that grow well where you live. Simply click on any tree here to see details, and add them to your cart. Enter your voucher when you check out.

All of these trees have been selected for the T & M Greencare tree replacement program. Your voucher will apply to the price of the tree(s) and shipping.

You may also choose from any other tree in our online nursery, but $9.95 flat shipping will apply if you choose trees outside of this program (your voucher will still apply to the price of the trees, but will not cover shipping.) If you choose any of the 44 trees here on this page, shipping will be free.

  • What began as a twig is now becoming a mighty oak. My oak tree is about 18 years old and…seems to grow a couple of feet each year. It now stands well over the third floor of our home.

    Member Linda Fitzpatrick
  • This [hawthorn] tree grows like crazy! The birds love it. We have had a great time watching them feast on the berries. This tree has beautiful blossoms in the spring.

    Member Janet Dietrich
  • I purchased the Tuliptree from you 15 years ago, and…it’s approximately 50 feet tall, above the roof top of my house which is three stories high. In the spring, the yellow tulip flowers were lovely.

    Mair Thomas
  • The Catalpa I purchased from you 12 or 13 years ago is 40 feet tall and beautiful.

    Member R.W. Fischer
  • When we received our [Colorado] Blue Spruce trees, we planted them in a large bare area of the lawn. Now they are home to birds and add shade and beauty to the lawn.

    Elaine Sandin