Dogwood: Spring Flowering Trees

Dogwood Trees will add value to your home's landscape because of their attractive flowers, added spring color, and great compact shape. Add this affordable flowering tree to your landscape.

Types of Dogwood Trees

Dogwood Tree planting, pruning, and care tips

You can find a Dogwood for almost all of the planting zones in the United States. The White, Pink, Red, Kousa, Red Cloud, and Cloud 9 Dogwoods prefer a warmer climate with zone 5 being their max zone and generally zone 9 being the low zone. Cold tolerant types of Dogwood include the Redoiser and Gray. When found in the wild the flowering dogwoods flourished in moist, shady areas with nutrient-rich soil. At your home in landscaping settings, dogwoods will generally tolerate a range of soil conditions and both full sun and shade. Dogwoods will not tolerate dry or arid conditions. It is very important to ensure that the soil is moist and that trees are not planted too close to areas that will increase heat, such as the walls of buildings.

How to Plant Your Dogwood Trees Basics of Tree Pruning 9 Important Aspects of Tree Care